Music Productions


VEIN is a music producer based in London with an inexhaustible passion for everything related the craft of music.
 His journey began in a small town in the south of Italy where at young age he started playing guitar and studying music and has never stopped since. After finishing a Degree in Computer Science, his constant appetite for discovering how professional music is made led him to London where he completed a BA (Hons) in Creative Music Production. Here he lives since 2018 always growing his skills with new goals and experiences related the music industry.

As a composer, his natural inclination is to write tracks with a cinematic character, influenced by his love for games and movies soundtracks. Nevertheless, his style encompasses also different genres such as rock/metal and more electronic ones ranging from cyberpunk to industrial.

On top of that, his attention to details and his hard working attitude make him a meticulous sound engineer always ready to accept any challenge both in the studio and outside of it. Trained in using analog and virtual gear, his focus is to fulfil the creative vision of the artists recording their best performances and then mixing the result to a professional level.

Driven by the desire to improve his extensive skillset, he became an experienced live engineer working for clients such as the Hard Rock Hotel and The Yellow Community Centre. Additionally he joined the band Them Bloody Kids as bass player, with which he performed several shows across the country and released the album ‘Radical Animals’.